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Chief Administrative Officer

District of Houston

This posting is now closed. Tall Cedars thanks all applicants.

The District of Houston is looking for its next Chief Administrative Officer. The ideal candidate for this position will have strong post-secondary education, solid work ethic, local government leadership expertise, and the willingness to have fun while accomplishing great things.


Houston is nestled in the beautiful Bulkley Valley amongst some of BC’s finest outdoor recreational opportunities. Strategically located halfway between the hub cities of Prince George and Terrace, the District and its surrounding countryside can be enjoyed year round, offering a range of activities including cross county skiing, hiking, fishing, biking, and snowmobiling. With a population of 3200, Houston is well known for its small town charm and warm hospitality. Houston has amazing indoor recreation facilities and access to the outdoors, making the community a big draw for the overall quality of life.

Next Step

Check out the detailed posting on the CivicInfo BC site, and contact flo@tallcedars.ca for more information and a supplementary package.

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